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Founded in 1992 Eckardt Systems manufactures lubrication systems as well as cleaning and preservation systems for industrial production. Today, the second generation of this family-run company employs some 30 people.

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Lubrication systems form the main focus of our range of products. The spectrum includes roller lubricators, squeeze-on lubricators and spray systems. Different versions are available of each respective system for different widths of materials. Eckardt also produces oil mist separators including complete systems to customer-specific specifications as well as customized systems, for example for hydroforming (IHU). In addition, our company offers numerous spray and spit nozzles as well as dosing systems for the lubrication segment. We also supply lubricants and oils under our own brand name ROTOL.

Furthermore, Eckardt also serves the process fields preserving and cleaning. To this end our company offers corrosion protection systems, which are used primarily in the hot forming process as well as to prepare parts and assemblies for transport. The dry cleaning systems for sheet metal and blanks offer an economical, low maintenance alternative to the wet cleaning systems often in use.

In-house development and production

Eckardt produces all of its systems and plant at the company headquarters in Bretten, near Karlsruhe, Germany. The depth of our in-house manufacturing capabilities is widely recognized. We run our own electronics development department as well as a nozzle testing laboratory dedicated to optimizing spraying processes and performing fault analyses in customer systems.

Diverse services

Eckardt offers its customers a wide variety of first-class services. We offer our customers comprehensive advice on all aspects of the lubrication process beginning with an extensive survey of the production environment through to the best-possible integration in upstream and downstream process steps. In the field of engineering Eckardt technology is adapted to precisely suit existing conditions and processes on site and can be individually modified to meet requirements. Installation, commissioning and general system refurbishments round off the spectrum.

Eckardt serves customers in all regions of the world. We focus on the automotive and supplier industries; however, small companies offering sheet metal punching services also profit from our know-how as manufacturer of quality products.

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