Section roller lubricator

The perfect combination of efficiency and good economic sense

Great flexibility when applying lubricants

The section roller lubricator from Eckardt is a rugged system designed for a wide variety of applications. As a result, it is possible to lubricate metal coils flexibly and with precision as they pass non-stop through the system.

Features & benefits

Suitable for metal coils up to 2100 mm
Rollers with a diameter of 60 mm
Suitable for many grades of oil
Makes economic use of lubricants
Rollers open and close with precision
Utmost process reliability

Design versions and details

If you require flexibility when applying lubricants, then the section roller lubricator from Eckardt is the ideal lubrication solution. The system utilizes several 60 mm standard diameter rollers arranged in two rows in a staggered formation. The lubricator is designed to lubricate metal coil widths up to 2100 mm.

Depending on process requirements it is possible to select and supply lubricant to three, five or seven pairs of rollers simultaneously as well as individually, so it is possible to lubricate defined areas of the material as it passes through.

You are not only able to react precisely to individual lubrication requirements as a consequence, but you also increase the economical use of the lubricant – because you only apply the required amount of oil precisely where it is actually required.

Two versions of the section roller lubricator from Eckardt are available; the roller stroke is made either from above down or from below upward. The system is designed to be used with a wide variety of common oil grades; as a consequence, it makes a significant contribution to optimizing the costs of expendable materials.

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