Squeeze-on lubricators

Maximum efficiency and the highest levels of flexibility

Particularly rugged & and long-lasting

The ROTOL squeeze-on roller system is a lubricator developed exclusively in house by Eckardt. This is an exceptionally rugged, long- lasting lubricating machine designed to apply lubricant in precisely defined film thicknesses over an entire surface.

Thanks to the ROTOL calender rollers our squeeze-on lubricators achieve very high pressures.

Thinnest, homogeneous film thicknesses possible.

Features & benefits

Far longer service life in comparison with conventional felt rollers
Works with all pumpable lubricants
Achieves thinnest, homogeneous film thicknesses
Very high viscosities possible
Rugged ROTOL calender roller made of non woven material
Practically impervious to mechanical damage
Lubrication media is retained on the surface of the roller; no premature wear resulting from being drawn in

How it works

Fleece rollers remove cleaning liquid, for example, from cleaned metal parts during the forming process of carbody parts.

Following close consideration we came to the conclusion that this principle of “squeezing off” could be reversed and used to apply lubricants. That is the basis for the ROTOL squeeze-on lubricator.

  • The fluid medium is fed between the distributor roller and the fleece rollers. (the amount of oil fed into the system is not decisive). The medium spreads across the entire width of the roller.
  • The fluid is absorbed by the open pores of the fleece roller.
  • The line pressure acting on the pores increases constantly as the roller rotates on the surface of the sheet metal; the roller begins to flatten. The fluid forms a wedge between the fleece and the surface of the sheet metal.
  • Depending on the pressure the porosity of the fleece roller reaches practically zero. The media is squeezed onto the surface absolutely homogeneously. The film thickness decreases as the contact pressure applied by the roller is increased.
  • The line pressure acting on the roller (pores) drops again, the pores open and soak back up a certain residual amount of the fluid like a sponge.

Design versions and details

The ROTOL squeeze-on lubricator achieves a very long service life, because the material is largely resistant to decomposition due to hydrolysis.

One Size Fits All

You can also send narrow materials through wide rollers, because the roller material is highly resistant to “indentation”. Consequently, just one machine is all that is required for all sheet metal / coil widths.

Lubricate as you wish

It is possible to use all fluid lubricants through to grease, depending on their viscosity. The medium spreads evenly across the entire width of the roller so that it is possible to guarantee it is applied homogeneously at all times.

Seepage impossible

The surface of the roller is only absorbent to a certain degree; in other words, the applied material does not penetrate deeper into the roller where it could remain as residue.

It’s the setting that counts

The gap between the ROTOL calender rollers determines the thickness of the lubricant film. The gap is set by means of a digital display. The settings are allocated a retrievable numerical value. That means it is always possible to reproduce the film thickness precisely - by design.

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