Spray systems

Contact-free lubrication

EQS - Eckardt Quality Spraying: The next generation

Based on a new modular construction concept for basic frame, spray chamber, oil supply an other key components, our EQS spray lubricators require shorter production and delivery times and offer maximum flexibility for the realization of individual customer requirements in the forming process.

EQS: Features & benefits

Compact, slim construction, adjusted to the actual space conditions in the press shop
All-round closed cabinet made of zinc-coated sheet steel
Swing-metal doors for easy maintenance access
Powerful oil mist separation system EONA 3000 with F9 final filter stage
Efficient recirculation of surplus oil within a closed circuit
Flexible assignment of lubricant quantities to individual blank surface areas
Perfectly suited for joint operation with the LBE brush cleaner, using a single control unit

EOS spray systems: Flexible & clean application

Our EOS spray systems apply oils and release agents fully contact-free. Making use of this method you guarantee the medium is applied cleanly and evenly, which allows you to act flexibly if not all areas of a material are to be lubricated uniformly.

One huge advantage of our spray systems is their extremely fast changeover times to use different grades of oils.

Oil/release agent storage; manual and fully automatic control and monitoring of the spray process. We offer our customers a wide range of options.

EOS: Features & benefits

Contact-free, low-wear lubrication
Pin-point lubrication
Flexible, partial application possible
Simple application rate control
Minimum setup times when changing spray medium
Different spray nozzles available
Suitable for all fluid media and numerous oil grades

Individual solutions for all application purposes

EOS systems are perfectly designed to meet the needs of industry to apply oils and release agents. They are solidly built and exceptionally easy to maintain; they reliably and precisely control the distribution of lubricants and release agents. The flow conditions in the inner chamber are optimized by design to ensure that emitted oil mist can be extracted particularly efficiently.

Our spray systems for the application of oils and release agents are designed to provide different spray widths.

There are different versions available of our spray lubricators: EOS I, EOS II and EOS III. It is possible to run roller/coil lubricators with or without their own drive. In addition, we offer customized machines - for instance for hydroforming (IHU).

EOS Move is a compact spray nozzle system for manual lubrication which requires only little space and ergonomically optimizes the workplace.

Design versions and details

EOS I series

EOS I series spray lubricators are suitable for spraying widths up to 800 mm; thanks to their rugged steel construction suitable for press shops they are distinguished by their outstanding reliability and long service life.

Fields of application

  • Automotive: metal brake lines, oil lines
  • Sections for sanitation, construction and furniture industry etc.
  • Components for heating systems
  • Saw blades

EOS II series

EOS II range of models has proven their worth in applications with spray widths from 500-2000 mm. An automatic scraper attached to the housing edge ensures that not a single drop of oil reaches the outer shell. The supply lines can be heated to ensure it is also possible to spray media with a higher viscosity.

Fields of application

  • Automotive: seat rails, car body components, roof/ window frames
  • Kitchen fittings
  • Sinks
  • Radio housings

EOS III series

Our largest spray lubricators are designed for spray widths between 2500-5000 mm. Equipment features include oil drip protection and heatable supply lines for high viscosities as well as integrated support rollers/feed units that guarantee the sheets of metal are reliably transported through the spray chamber.

Fields of application

  • Automotive: wings, structural components
  • Household appliances

EOS Move

In comparision with conventional systems EOS Move swaps roles, since it is the spray bar that moves – not the blank. This enables the entire process – blank insertion, blank lubrication and blank removal – to be conducted requiring significantly less working space, and the machine operator to work much more ergonomically.

Fields of application

  • For blank sizes of up to 600 x 600 mm
  • Ideal for use in spatially limited areas

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