Roller applied lubrication

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You are in safe hands with roller lubricators when lubricants need to be applied evenly across whole surface areas.

This method is extremely economical and requires very little maintenance. Roller lubricators are the most widely used systems in the forming and moulding branch of industry; they are particularly suitable for lubricating coils of steel.

Features & benefits

Easy to operate
Low wear and tear
High throughput speeds possible
Suitable for diverse oil grades/flowing media
Lubricants applied evenly
Minimal maintenance costs
Compensates surface irregularities
No need to change rollers when changing lubricants
Low space requirements in direction of throughput
Process different material widths without changing rollers


Our range of products comprises felt roller lubricators and squeeze-on lubricators. In addition, we offer our own brand of high-quality lubricants under our own brand name ROTOL; these ensure you can reliably achieve the desired viscosity every time.

Felt roller lubricators

Our felt roller lubricators are particularly easy to operate and are distinguished by particularly low levels of wear.

In addition, the rollers can be changed quickly without any tools. We offer a variety of models with roller sizes between 32-110 mm.

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Squeeze-on lubricators

Squeeze-on lubricators are the right choice when you wish to apply particularly thin films of lubricants.

Our systems are designed to be used in a wide variety of applications processing metal sheets, coils and blanks.

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