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EOS-X spray system with transport unit

Spray lubrication with attachment: this was the nut that a sheet metal and metal processing company from the eastern Czech Republic gave us to crack. “Attachment” in this case means an integrated transport unit for the feeding and forwarding of up to 1700 mm wide blanks.   

A spray system from our medium-sized EOS-X model series acts as the basis. The spray chamber is equipped with the proven SD25 spray nozzles, which can be used to spray selected areas or the entire surface of the blank. With the EOS control system it is possible to determine whether selected surface fields should receive the full application quantity or only a portion of it, allowing lubricant consumption to be controlled efficiently and economically.

A special feature of the system is that the spray chamber can be pulled out via a telescopic extension, making access for maintenance work much easier. The resulting oil mist is removed from the chamber via an Eckardt suction system and does not get into the ambient air.

The spray system is designed for use with two types of oil, and the supply unit based on our modular EDS dosing systems has been equipped accordingly. It is possible to set up the oil supply for the upper and lower spray bars together or separately, which allows for great flexibly with regard to different requirements in the oiling process.

The compact design of the system also includes the positioning of the energy chain and cable carrier above the spray chamber. This means that these machine components are also easily accessible and do not require “crawling around” under the transport device. The latter has its own drives on the infeed and discharge side, which ensure the rapid transfer of the blanks into and out of the spray chamber.

Compact, creative and powerful: Another example that special requirements are in good hands at Eckardt!

The integrated EOS-X oiling system is currently on its way to its place of operation in our eastern neighboring country.

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