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Machinery lubrication done properly!

Machinery lubrication is hardly an issue you will find at the top of the agenda – but it is certainly a critical factor for reliability and efficiency in the production process.

Our expertise in this area has come into play for the benefit of a Southern Germany based, globally-active manufacturer of gardening technology, ventilation systems and automotive components. Our customer was on the lookout for a versatile lubrication solution for the press tools used in the production of pressed parts and welded assemblies for car body manufacturing, among others.

Seven dosing valves, inividually addressable

In this project, the modular design principle of our own EDS dosing system has once again proven its value. All key components – storage container, feed lines for pressurized air and lubricant, valves, control unit – can be flexibly arranged on a floor- or wall-mounted console, perfectly adapting to and taking full advantage of the existing tool and process infrastructure.

The wall-mounted solution includes seven dosing valves which can be individually addressed and be assigned different opening intervals from the Eckardt dosing control system DOS-MR. This ensures that lubricant quantity and supply intervals for each valve are always in synch with the machine cycle, which brings a maximum level of reliability and efficiency into the process.

The integrated storage container has a capacity of 10 l and has to be filled manually. An optical float switch emits a warning signal when the fill level drops below the critical limit. The signal can also be transferred from the Eckardt DOS-MR to an overriding control system in order to trigger additional process steps.

Is there anything we can do for you regarding machinery lubrication? Our extensive product range includes all you need for the flexible, highly efficient supply and storage of lubricants. We have the solution for you that fits – especially when it’s about areas which are not easily accessible for lubrication.

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