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The Eckardt how-to guide: weldseam protection

Our expertise in the area of spray lubrication does not only prove beneficial to the forming process, but also to the crucial issue of preservation/corrosion protection. Case in point: a recently completed project for a specialist for welding and production system solutions based in Southern Germany. Our customer asked for our support regarding the application of protective lubricants on the rotatory weldseams of component parts which are loaded and removed by a gripper.

A pair of nozzles on top and bottom

For this purpose we have designed a spray unit made from galvanized sheet steel, which is left open at the front side so that the parts can be easily inserted. The upper and lower compartment of the chamber hosts a spray bar to each of which a pair of our tried and tested two-medium nozzles SD 25 HD is attached. The lower part also includes a collection pan for lubricants dripping down.

The nozzles are equipped with separate inlets for lubricant, pressurized air and spray air which enables the relevant spray parameters to be set seamlessly. The nozzles can also be manually adjusted in all directions to ensure the perfect spray position in relation to the inserted parts. The lubricant is supplied from a 10 liter pressure container and passes through a fine mesh filter into the nozzles.

A maximum of “clean air”

Since this type of spraying process does not include a chamber which is closed all-around, preventing the oil mist from being discharged into the ambient air becomes a crucial issue. Therefore we have connected the spray unit to a particularly powerful suction system. A centrifugal separator vacuums off the mist in an upward direction and releases the oil particles into a collection container. With the help of a flexible spiral tube the exhaust path can be individually adjusted in order to mount the separator unit tightly and securely to the wall. Maintenance lids on both sides and the rear provide comfortable, tool-free access to the interior of the spray chamber.

Preservation solutions for all purposes

We develop different varieties of preservation and corrosion protection systems, e.g. for components with exposed metal parts following the hot-forming process or for transport preparation subsequent to welding and stamping. To meet increased adhesion requirements our product range also includes solutions for electrostatic spraying.
For further information, please refer to the product page or get in touch with us.

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