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A quintet of EOS 1

Two are better than one – but how much better are five, then? We don’t know the exact line of thinking at our customer‘s, a German manufacturer of heating systems. What we do know is that the company ordered five of our EOS 1 spray lubrication systems at one go.

Each unit measures roughly 1500 mm in width and 100 mm in height (including the suction piping). It is suitable for blank widths of up to 1200 mm and thicknesses of 2 mm. The material can be lubricated from above and below. The spray chamber holds 2×12 spray nozzles mounted on the upper and lower spray bar for lubicant application in 400, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 mm wide strips.

The lubrication system uses our tried and tested spray nozzzle SD25 HD. It works as a two-medium nozzle, meaning that separately supplied spray air, control air and spray medium allow for the definition and process-reliable reproduction of spray patterns and application layers.

The top of the EOS1 unit includes the piping for the centrifugal suction system with secondary filter which draws the oil mist off the spray chamber. Each spray unit includes an EDS dosing system for the oil supply.

The EOS quintet is currently being integrated into the forming process on site. Along with the new year, it will report for duty.

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