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Case Study: Dätwyler puts its trust in MQL technology from Eckardt

Dätwyler Sealing Solutions produces caps and seals for the pharmaceutical industry at its location in Ittersbach near Karlsruhe, Germany. As there must be no lubricant residues whatsoever left later on the caps and seals, lubrication in the forming process is particularly demanding.

Searching for a precise and economic process Dätwyler decided in favour of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) from Eckardt. Specially developed spray nozzles ensure the lubricants are applied in the smallest possible quantities in the production of seals and caps, precisely as specified – and can be reproduced as required.

Published in the 6/2017 edition of the trade journal bbr – Bänder Bleche Rohre (strips, sheets and tubes) the report from the factory floor describes the deployment of MQL technology at Dätwyler and also identifies the advantages with regard to handling, time and cost savings.

The entire report is available for download here.

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