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Clean(ing) concepts for electromobility

Electromobility takes center stage at the world’s largest car manufacturer’s production site in the German state of Saxony – and we are a part of it!

An LBE brush cleaning system by Eckardt has been added to the state-of-the-art machine park in the press shop. It ensures that coils and blanks leave nothing to be desired in terms of cleanliness before being formed into high-quality body and structural parts of tomorrow’s electric car fleet.

Brush correction system included

The basic brush technology used by Eckardt stands out for a variety of features and functions which give reason to expect nothing but the best cleaning results. Among others, a brush correction system prevents the bristles from being pushed aside by surface bumps on the material passing through which significantly diminishes cleaning effectiveness.

Improved particle adhesion

As an option, a specific antistatic and cleaning fluid can be added to the process, increasing the adhesiveness of even the smallest dirt particles to the brush when it traverses the material surface. It also prevents electrostatic charging of the brush and therefore dust in the ambient air from being absorbed.

Efficient, resource-aware brush cleaning by Eckardt joins forward-thinking electro vehicle production – a combination that holds enormous potential for the future!

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