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Power under pressure: squeeze-on lubrication in the stamping and forming industry

Our very own squeeze-on lubrication technology has found its way onto the shop floor of a system supplier based in the state of Thuringia/East Germany, specializing in tool/mold making, stamp and forming technology.

The system enables our customer to work under maximum pressure, which is precisely what this lubrication principle is about: “Stuck” between two rollers (squeezer and distribution roller) and exposed to increasing pressure, the lubricant forms itself into a very thin film and can be evenly applied to the surface of the material passing through the lubricator. Lubricant quantities and layer thicknesses can be exactly reproduced, making this a very efficient lubrication method with regard to versatility and cost effectiveness (more here)

Rugged ROTOL roller coating

In this project we built a compact WQ squeeze-on lubricator for lubrication widths of up to 500 mm. The system is mounted on a feeding device provided by the customer.

The squeezer rollers measuring 130 mm in diameter are made of our robust ROTOL nylon fabric. This material is extremely strong and resistant to mechanical damaging such as “indentation” as a result of material passing through under great pressure. The roller coating is made of single lamellas which are lined up to a shaft, pressed, glued together into a pipe in a heating process and finally wound around an axle, the actual roller body.

The roller surface is only absorbent to a certain degree. The lubricant cannot penetrate deeper and remain there as residue. As a result, it can be applied more fully to the material. It is possible to use all kinds of fluids, even through grease, depending on their viscosity.

Hassle-free oil supply and return

This WQ squeeze-on lubricator has been designed for use with two oil grades which are supplied via separate flow and return lines for the upper and lower rollers. The lubricant is fed into the space between the rollers. Surplus returning oil drips into the lower part of the lubricator and can be fed back into the corresponding supply container via two pneumatically controlled 2/2-way valves.

All-in-one control system

An integrated EDS dosing and control system by Eckardt regulates the supply of oil and pressurized air and is also in charge of setting end executing the lubrication process parameters. The control and maintenance unit is mounted on a floor console; the two pressurized containers supllying the lubricant are wall-mounted. In this case the modular construction of the Eckardt dosing systems also pay off, since we were able to map the configuration exactly onto the procedural and spatial requirements of our customer.

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