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Precision drop by drop: minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) by Eckardt

The MQL system EMS by Eckardt is the perfect companion for lubrication tasks involving isolated areas on the material surface or such which cannot be easily accessed. As a result much more lubricant than actually necessary is often sprayed way beyond the target area.

Wall-mounted and space-saving

The EMS system is designed for wall mounting only. Measuring 156 x 124 x 263 mm (length x width x height) and with an empty weight of just 2 kg the standard version can be easily installed and remains perfectly accessible for refilling and maintenance even if there’s only little space for maneuvering.

The supply tank is available with different capacities from 1,2 to 3,6 l. The lubricant flows into the dosing pumps by way of gravity, which are activated by the separate dosing control system using a 2/2-way valve. Thanks to the transparent container the filling level is always visible or can be monitored electrically.

Precise regulation of lubricant quantity and clock rate

Adjusting the lubricant quantity for the spraying process is also very easy. You just have to turn the rotary switch attached to the dosing pump. It allows for quantity settings from 0,12 mm3 up to almost 40 mm3per spray. In total, there are 27 levels to choose from. The other key parameter which defines the spraying process, the pump frequency, can either be set manually or automatically by way of an interval timer.

Tubing and nozzle options

How to bring the lubricant to its destination is also a hassle-free job. With the EMS you can use a broad variety of tubes and nozzles of different types and sizes, ensuring that even the least accessible surface areas will be covered with spray as required. This is particularly crucial for the lubrication of permanently installed tools.

With regard to versatility and flexibility we recommend the ROTOL saddle spray nozzle by Eckardt for use with the MQL system. While suitable for many areas of application, it has proven especially efficient for the lubrication of round saw blades and rotating tool discs.  

Do you want to learn more about the many advantages of our EMS minimum quantity lubrication system? Feel free to contact us!

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