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Roller lubrication – four times more efficient

Flexible application and easy change of lubricants with very little elbow room: such were the requirements a Swiss-based manufacturer of industrial packaging communicated to us with regard to a new lubrication system for thin-sheet metal. Rising to the occasion, we developed an integrated roller-based solution which greatly benefits from the modular construction of the key components involved.

Four EDS dosing units regulate the provision of lubricants and pressurized air to the roller lubricator with maximum flexibility. The lubricant containers are positioned right in front of the corresponding dosing unit. Another key construction element of the ensemble is the rack, which holds the spare rollers. It is directly integrated into the “dosing wall”. From there, the pairs of rollers assigned to the different oil grades can be easily removed for exchange in the lubricator unit.

The roller-based lubrication device is mounted on a telescopic arm which also encloses the supply hoses and connections for pressurized air. The oil supply lines are directly attached to the pairs of rollers. When changing rollers, the lubrication device simply has to be pulled out, so that there is no need to work inside the narrow space between the infeed device and stamping tool.

Our customer uses an Eckardt roller-based lubricator of the WF series. It has a roller diameter of 60 mm and can handle material widths of up to 800 mm.

Flexible lubricant application? Check! No-fuss roller change? Check! Easy and comfortable maintenance work in a very confined space? Check!

Do you also have trouble finding the right solution for a “space problem”? Look no further, we have one for you!




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