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EUROBLECH 2018: Eckardt introduces a switchable spray nozzle system

Eckardt Systems is showcasing a new nozzle system for spray lubrication systems from its EOS series at the EUROBLECH 2018 in Hanover (Hall 27, G166). The highlight: It is possible to change oil grades automatically in the spray bar, which reduces time and volume loss signif-icantly. In Hanover, Eckardt will be demonstrating a 4.5 m long spray bar that is utilized in the large spray system EOS 3. The spray bar can switch back and forth automatically between two oil grades. “In all other comparable systems on the market switching between oils takes place upstream of the spray bars” explains Head of Sales at Eckardt, Daniel Assmann. “However, before the new oil begins to flow the spray bar together with the nozzles must be cleaned thoroughly; in other words, the existing media is pressed out and the new media pumped in. This procedure costs quite a bit of time”.

Oil grades moved forward into the spray bars

The Eckardt system in contrast sees the required oils held in the spray bar itself. The spray nozzles open purposely to allow the new oil type to flow in – and ensure that only very little residual amounts of the previous medium remain. That means all told, less remaining oil is discharged unused in comparison with the procedure mentioned above. “As ever shorter time frames are calculated for changing tools in press shops, changing lubri-cants also needs to be carried out increasingly quickly,” says Daniel Assmann. “The new pro-cess for our EOS systems means the procedure can be carried out without any problems in an assumed three-minute changeover cycle.”

Controls for spraying processes

The Baden-Württemberg based manufacturer has also added a high-performance control sys-tem for the spraying process to its product portfolio; this is designed to meet the changing re-quirements in press shops with regard to the degree of automation and system communica-tions. Eckardt is presenting this development as a further focus of its presentation at the trade fair. The two other business fields, cleaning and corrosion prevention systems, will also be ad-dressed in Hanover; this sees Eckardt strengthening its position as a partner to industry who not only offers solutions for lubrication applications, but also for downstream work procedures in the forming process.

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